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Divorce mediation basically means to find common ground or solutions before a divorce gets to the courts. Mediation can cover a multitude of issues, one of which is custody of the minor children of the marriage. During mediation process both parties and their respective attorneys will meet with a court appointed third party to discuss all the issues surrounding the dissolution of the marriage prior to it reaching the final stages in the divorce court. A divorce mediation lawyer will outline for you all the issues that can be raised in mediation and how best to tackle each point to be discussed. The general idea of mediation is to find an equitable solution to such points as child custody, child support and spousal support and how to divide the assets from the marriage between the parties.

A divorce mediation lawyer will assist you clear up any issues or disagreements you may have and resolve them prior to taking the divorce case to court. A mediator is there purely to assist the parties in a divorce to reach an agreement, the mediator is a neutral and objective party, taking no one side. He is like a negotiator in a hostage drama, he is merely the ‘go between’ He is likely to offer his suggestions to both parties and their respective attorneys, but in no way can he force or enforce his ideas, the final outcome and decision is up to the parties seeking to end their marriage. When you consult with a divorce mediation lawyer they will explain to you how the mediation process works and the benefits of mediation. The dissolution of a marriage, whether it is contested or uncontested is an emotionally charged situation at the best of times, and can also be a very lengthy and costly exercise. The general idea of mediation is to shorten the process of the negotiations prior to the divorce being granted. If the mediation process is successful then the outcome will save both parties a lot of time and money.

It would very definitely be in your best interests to contact a lawyer to assist you in a mediation process to dissolve your marriage amicably, with minimal cost and as little fall out as possible. If you have reached the point of discussing divorce then there are a multitude of issues that need to be resolved. You would also need to decide who remains in the home and who moves out and what the partner moving out may remove from the home. Are there children involved or even household pets and who gets to have custody of them and is there any financial support under discussion?

A lawyer from Jackson-Dowell PLLC, Attorneys at Law will also enlighten you as to how through the process of mediation you can avoid the formality of the divorce court, and the fact that a court reporter will not be privy to your all your personal issues which would be the case if you fought the issues out in court. It is a confidential process and is beneficial to both parties, it saves a long drawn out legal battle that is very costly and ultimately there is no public appearance in court. Your attorney will represent you when the final decree is issued.

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