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Arrested for Drunk Driving? Get a DUI Lawyer Immediately

DUI damages can be disastrous

drunk driving, Arrested for Drunk DrivingAs per the data provided by U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2004 traffic accident fatalities in the USA numbered 42,636. Of these, 16,694 Americans were killed by alcohol-related crashes or DUI accidents, accounting for nearly half of the fatalities. If caught up in DUI accidents, the damages can be disastrous. From lost lives or grave injuries to material damages and legal costs, expenses can be far-reaching. It is therefore vital for a highly regarded and veteran DUI lawyer to inform you of your rights.

Drunk Driving Penalties

The penalties for being arrested for drunk driving widely differ by State, ranging from hefty fines, license suspension and license revocation to serious jail time. The trend is increasingly toward stricter enforcement of the law and more severe penalties. As bad as getting arrested is, the legal consequences of DUI are far less dreadful than the potential human consequence – loss of life, permanent disability, traumatized families and disrupted finances.

A law enforcement officer can halt a suspect and administer a field sobriety test if he feels that the person is under the influence of alcohol or other illegal substances. If, however, you decline to submit to a test, or fail to complete a field test, your driving license will be suspended for a period of six months. If you cannot contact your DUI lawyer and wish to decline the field tests, you can respectfully tell the police officer that you do not want to oblige unless your DUI lawyer instructs you. You should be courteous and amiably request an attorney to help you and then call one right away upon being given the chance. If you do not know a competent DUI lawyer, promptly call the attorney you know and request him to send you a DUI lawyer.

It would be extremely complicated for someone with no legal education to triumph in an intricate DUI case. being arrested for drunk driving has become a very complex area of the law. Several criminal defense lawyers will reveal that given the entire arena of talents required to be mastered by the DUI lawyer; it can be one of the trickiest criminal cases to defend.

Find a capable DUI lawyer right away

The best way to find a capable DUI lawyer is through an informed reference, typically from another lawyer, or by reputation. Bear in mind you do not want any attorney that will do a DUI case; you are looking for a DUI lawyer that practices extensively in the DUI / DWI subject area. Depending on the state’s specific laws and the circumstances surrounding drunk driving accidents, it is strongly recommended to get in touch with a DUI lawyer right away, to learn the legal rights and alternatives available.

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