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Choosing a Child Custody Lawyer

Whenever a marriage ends there are a multitude of issues that have to be resolved between the divorcing couple and the most important is the custody and guardianship of the child or children of the marriage. This is generally an emotional and contentious issue. The children did not ask for their home to be broken up and their needs have to be addressed and the final decision has to be in the physical, emotional and financial interests of the children. They are the priority not the parents. The needs of the children and their rights need to be protected and this issue would require the neutral assistance of a family lawyer to ensure that they share a happy and loving environment in both new household.


Sad girl with her fighting parents behind her

The parents need to decide which party has the custody of the children and where they will reside whereas the other party will provide the financial assistance to continue supporting the children in a manner they has been accustomed to, as the children are the ones who will be facing the brunt of the broken marriage and all it entails. The various issues that need to be resolved can be successfully and sympathetically dealt with by a lawyer from Jackson-Dowell PLLC, Attorneys at Law. There is also the issue of a possible joint custody of the minor children whereby parents will both share equal custody and guardianship and the financial support of the children will need to be finalized. This type of arrangement will be less traumatizing for all concerned particularly the children.

These and all related issues are extremely sensitive and should always be dealt with by an experienced child custody lawyer as the welfare and education of the minor children is just as important as their physical and emotional well being. Child custody is usually an emotionally charged issue and is best left to the professionals as in most cases the parents in a failed marriage are too negatively involved to deal rationally with any child custody arrangement. In the interests of the children consult a child custody lawyer who has the expertise and the experience to deal with all these emotional issues.

A consultation with a child custody lawyer who is at fault with all the legalities and is able to diffuse a potentially explosive situation is definitely what is required. A child custody lawyer will deal respectfully with the emotional fallout from both parents and the children to reach a successful and acceptable solution with the children’s interests being the paramount factor. It is always advisable to retain a family lawyer that is experienced in dealing with any child custody issues .

If parents are parting and going their separate ways then they must take cognizance of the emotional effect a divorce has on the child or children, as the children ultimately need to live in the best of both worlds in order to grow and develop into emotionally stable and happy young adults.

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